Shrink Wrapping Machine

The machine is designed to arrange and packing product with shrink film only, film with pad, film with tray or film with half tray

Machine description :

  • Rigid, compact and stylish machine design, easy for maintenance.

  • Big screen, Human Machine Interface LCD.

  • Pneumatic Film Roller support, quick film replacement.

  • Precise film cutting.

  • Controlling by servo.

  • Precise Temperature controller and heat insulation.

  • Reliable components with International brand.

The machine is straight line auto thermo shrinkage package machine industry automatic controlling system, whole set adopt to Inovance full line IT product (contain PCC servo controlling machine, servo electricity motor, manipulation screen).

Auto ON-Off photoelectric stop device and quick reset system to troubleshoot bottle fail.

Multi bottle format, can be set to Inovance Industrial controlling system.

Stable and precise heat shrinkage temperature, controlled by Inovance PCC controlling system, with auto analysis.

  • Packaging format : 2×2, 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 or customs.

  • Applied container type : Cylindrical, hexagon bottles or cans.

  • Package speed : 8-45 packs /minute

  • Usage film type : PE film

  • Film thickness : 0.08 ~ 0.10 mm

  • Film density : 0.91~0.92 g/cm3

  • Maximum Film roller diameter : 500 mm.

  • Film Roller core : ∅ 76~80 mm.

  • stretch tension : longitudinal, lateral accord with GB13022 criterion.

  • heating shrink ratio : longitudinal, lateral accord with GB/T13519-92criterion, 70±5%, 20±5%

  • shrinkage ratio : longitudinal, lateral accord with GB/T13519-92 criterion;fracture tension : longitudinal, lateral accord with GB13022 criterion;

  • thickness deviation : accord with GB6672 criterion;

  • Voltage : 3 ∮ / 380 volts / 50 Hz.

Touch screen  Inovance / Siemens
PLC   Inovance / Siemens
Inverter  Delta
Photoelectric  P + F
Pneumatic Component  SMC

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