OPP Labelling

The SG series is designed for applying OPP label to containers with output 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 bottles per minute.

  1. ONE independent bearing system with main concentric supports driving the up and down turnplates (Patent No.:ZL201420032456.1).No locking of supports and easy adjustment of turnplate heights avoid affecting the accuracy.A simple input on the HMI will be sufficient to adjust the height of the upper turn-plate (driven by the motor on the top) to increase the working efficiency.No manual unlocking and locking is required. And the labeling accuracy is ensured.
  2. Separated heating units are easy for change-over.
  3. The cage shaped roller frame avoids inaccuracy due to the fabrication error.
  4. Separated labeling wheel improves the labeling accuracy and saves the cost of change-over parts.
  5. Integrated cutting unit: no spare parts. No need to change knives for different label sizes. not welded or assembled.
  6. The cage shaped knife frame is integratedly fabricated. The structure is compact and the operation is accurate.

No scratch on PET bottles: The traditional nylon infeed screw has been replaced by the scratch-free infeed system made of 6 mm well polished SUS 304.

Glue supply system: Integrated (not welded or assembled) glue tank fabricated by the CNC ensures stable temperature in the tank, which avoids carbon deposit at the corners.

Durable and accurate cutting system: Accurate knives with 4 cutting edges integrated in a SUS. cutting drum. When one edge is worn, the other 3 edges can be used.

Efficient bottle changeover : The operator only needs to change the infeed starwheel, central guiding rail, holders, belt roller, label drum and outfeed starwheel.

1 knife = 4 knives. No need to change knives for different labels. The knives are for all labels of height less than 12 cm.

Energy-saving & easy to maintain:
1. Radial contactless air distribution system reduces the power consumption and is easy for maintenance.
2. Independent vacuum supply system reduces the power of the vacuum pump and produces less noise.
3. The system’s driving efficiency is increased without gear in the labeling station, which reduces motor power and saves cost.

Production capacity 200, 300, 400, 600, 800
Container Diameter ∅ 50-90
Container Height 100-320 mm
Glue consumption 88,000 labels / Kg (50 mm Height of label)
Compressed air consumption 2 M3/min
Machine Frame  ST. 304
Touch screen Schneider
PLC Schneider
Inverter Danfoss
Label Sensor Sick
Servo motor and Drive Schneider
Main Motor Terken

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